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And Batman Hates Fighting Two-Face
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Welcome to the fan community for the relationship between characters Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman and Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two-Face, where fanworks, general discussion, and anything related to these two is encouraged.

Header credit to halfdutch.

Law & Order:

1. Be considerate and respectful of everyone, no bashing.
2. Focused on the pairing, of course, either as romantic or platonic.
3. Nolanverse, DCAU, comics--all canons/universes are welcome.
4. Spoiler warnings please; right now, none is necessary for The Dark Knight, but for any upcoming new Batman-related material, please warn about spoilers until said otherwise.
5. All fanfiction and icons and fanart and any other images should be behind an lj-cut, or simply linked. Of course there can be previews of the icons, fanfiction, and any other images. If discussion points prove bulky, put the majority of it behind a cut, or linked; essays behind a cut, or linked.
6. If possible, please credit images.
7. Fanfic must be properly rated.
8. Please take the time to choose the proper tag from the list (and feel free to add a tag when you feel it is necessary, when I haven't had the presence of mind to add it).
9. If you want to affiliate, please make a post, with the title, "Affiliation Request." Or if I notice your requests in comments, that works too.


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